Is Makeup And Perfect Tresses Really Equivalent To Beauty?

There was a time when girls and ladies were expected to always look beautiful and have appropriate make up on with some fancy jewelry. Although this culture is still very much prevalent, most young girls today are daring to step away from these ancient expectations of beauty and would rather wear a pair of sweat pants and a comfortable tee shirt instead. While this does usually draw much criticism from the older generation, the truth is that makeup, pretty clothes and pretty hair are simply a waste of money and a waste of time when women are capable of doing so much more that simply being pretty. Most young people today are well aware of the problems in the world due to the advancement of the internet and somehow, amidst reports of war and starvation, having pretty hair and makeup on does not necessarily seem to be a priority.

The media’s portrayal of women

Even with these archaic expectations of young girls and women slowly wafting out, the media continues to objectify women and make it seem as if having the best makeup and the best hairdresser in Sydney CBD is the most important thing in life for a woman. Most magazines feature women with heavy makeup and in most cases photo shopped figures carrying the most expensive handbags and wearing the most expensive clothing in an effort to continue this poisonous trend of thinking.

Sadly, although it is being seen that the trend is slowly going away there are many young girls who are still being drawn in to this way of thinking. There are young girls who still continue to spend their hard earned money on the best hairdresser in town over saving up that money for their future.

The perfect body

Women come in many different shapes and sizes, the most important thing being staying fit and healthy. However the media continues to dwell on what it calls the perfect body of a woman stating that the perfect body is a thin one. The truth is however that many models shown in fashion magazines and other such media are photo shopped to have the so called perfect body and the perfect skin. Sadly many young girls worry their heads about not having the so called perfect body with some young girls even going in to depression and sometimes ending up in suicide over this trivial and false issue. It is vital for every parent to teach their young children the true meaning of beauty from day one and teach their children to make a difference in the world.